At first sight, the project RÜCKSICHTEN is basicly looking at ones torso from the back. But if you take a detailed look at its individual deformation, you gain insight about ones life and its incidents. A back reflects how much a body has already endured and suffered under daily and particular conditions - it is a reflection of ones life‘s experiences. RÜCKSICHTEN is a homage to the human back - the essential part of the human body that connects head and other all extremities.
When I took my first photograph of human trunk, that picture made me want to create a series. From that day on I assembled this series within four years of work. A back structure is fascinating, especially its figurative shape from hip to neck.

The human trunk had a special value during the era of renaissance, and I would like to give back the value it deserves in our modern times. To point particularly it‘s unique shape and structure. In the 19th century, modeling the shape of a trunk became special kind of a art in plastic on its own. To represent a trunk was already practiced and honoured since the era of Antique Egypt, as well as at the time of the Roman Empire. Today we are living in a highly dynamic world, surrounded by so many digital media, that we almost forget about art in real life. I would like to revive this ancient art afresh. Besides showing the artworks in galleries and art spaces I published a book with the 99 photographs, taken between 2010 and 2014.

This series is currently about to be completed with another few hundred images to round up.
as well as voice recording for intermedial exhibitions.


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