At first sight, the project BACKSITES is basicly looking at torsos back. But if you take a detailed look at its individual deformation, you gain insight about the back‘s history and incidents. A back reflects how much a body endured and suffered under daily and special conditions – it is a reflection of a life‘s experiences.
BACKSITES is a homage to human back – the essential part of the human body that connects head with all extremities.

When I took my first photograph of a back, that picture made me want to create a series. From that day on I captured further 98 human backs within four years of work. A back structure is fascinating, especially its figurative shape from hip to neck.

The human trunk had a special value during the era of renaissance, and I would like to give back the value it deserves in our modern times.
To point particularly it‘s unique shape and structure. In the 19th century, modeling the shape of a trunk became special kind of a art in plastic on its own. To represent a trunk was already practiced and honoured since the era of Antique Egypt and as well at the times of the Roman Empire.
Today we are living in a highly dynamic world, surrounded by so many digital Media, that we almost forgot about art in real life. I would like to revive this ancient art afresh.

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